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Sweet Dreams - Sleep Blend

$7.95 - $14.95

Our Sweet Dreams - Calming Blend is a beautiful blend for sleepless nights. A combination of Lavender and Cedarwood essential oil work together to ease restlessness and create calm for the body and mind.
 Why we Love?
Promotes relaxation and known to relieve stress.
Relaxes the body and clears the mind can ease tension and aid in a good nights sleep.

Fractionated coconut oil
Lavender essential oil
Cedarwood essential oil
Roman Chamomile
Ylang Ylang
Roll and rub into temples, neck, behind the ears, wrists, soles of feet or chest. Inhale. Always patch test before use.

Size: 5ml or 10mL
Packaging: Amber glass vial with stainless steel roller balls. These are refillable!