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Heal my Paws! - Heel and Paw Balm


The ultimate multi-purpose natural healing balm.
For Pets:
This is safe and perfect for cracked paws which can occur when out on the warm concrete.
For Humans:
Suitable for rashes, redness, dry and cracked skin. Commonly used on elbows and heels.

Subtle, natural scent that is safe for your pets sensitivities
Creamy, easy to apply paste formula
No Aluminium, chemicals, parabens or alcohol
Apply once daily and notice the difference

Coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, vitamin E, manuka, frankincense, copaiba and lavender essential oils.

Gently apply to your pets paws or your dry / cracked skin. Use as required. Always patch test before use.

Size: 50g
Packaging: Packaging: Amber glass jar. These are refillable!